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turtle2015 NE-5B Conclave

Unami Lodge is hosting the Conclave 2015 which is right around the corner, so be sure to keep May 29th to 31st wide open for the festivities. As the founding lodge, it is our privilege to host this once in a lifetime event. Come join the other lodges in our section and around the country for a weekend of training and fun. Plus, show your lodge pride in the friendly competitions that will be happening that weekend.

As the hosting lodge, we will need a stellar staff. As such, sign-ups for staffing and general contingent members is at www.unamilodge.org/conclave2015, so check it out and be a part of awakening our past and defining our future.

Memebers and non-members alike can find more information about the 2015 Conclave at www.conclave2015.org.

Don't forget to check our promo video as seen below:

turtleThe Treaty of Renewed Friendship

The morning of Sunday, August 17th, John Gerlach, Brett Davis, and Jason Scardecchio traveled to Cape May, NJ to attend and participate in the signing of the Treaty of Renewed Friendship. The treaty brings together companies, organizations and individuals in an effort to respect and look after the original lands and water ways of the Lenape, chiefly the Delaware River.

The event started with a gathering prayer and song, followed by each signatory being called on and recognized as they signed the treaty. This year, Unami Lodge, One presented a gift to the Lenape Nation. The first part of our gift included a turtle shell, staghorn sumac, cedar branches and sage leaves which all have spiritual and cultural significance to the Lenape. The second part of our gift was a canvas painting depicting the Lenape creation story with trees growing on the back of a swimming turtle.

Following the signing, participants had the opportunity to mingle and check out many tables filled with crafts and indigenous art. The event was concluded with a celebratory Pow Wow.

American Indian Affairs Committee

For more information about the Treaty of Renewed Friendship and the Lenape Nation visit www.LenapeNation.org.

turtleSteve Ranjo Memorial Clocktower

Two years ago July 21, Unami Lodge, One, Resica Falls Scout Reservation and the Cradle of Liberty Council lost a great Scouter and a dear friend. Steve Ranjo touched more lives in his 40 years then most people do in a lifetime. He lived the ideals of Scouting and the principles of the Order of the Arrow in his daily life. During this time, Steve served as Camp Director, Lodge Adviser and Council Vice President of Program.

Memories of Steve still illuminate our hearts and consciences most brightly. Many hold the conversations they had with Steve close to their hearts. Whether just to catch up or to provide sage advice, Steve always made the time to talk to people.

Fittingly, a central meeting place was chosen to remember Steve at Resica Falls. The Steve Ranjo Memorial Clock Tower serves as a lasting monument to Steve’s legacy. The Clock Tower serves as a place where knowledge is given and ideas shared, with the purpose of making camp and Scouting a better place.

turtleLegacy Lid

Now that your lodge's rock has been sent off, it's time to move forward with sharing your lodge's history with the rest of the country as we move towards celebrating the Order of the Arrow's 100th Anniversary.

The next step is to ponder the legacy your lodge has left in the Order's first 100 years serving your council and the legacy your lodge wants to make in a new century of service. At last year's NOAC, each lodge was given a Centennial crate to assist lodges in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the OA. In 2013, your lodge's charge is to take the lid to this crate and paint it on one side to reflect your lodge's legacy. Consider incorporating the design for your 100th anniversary NOAC 2015 contingent flap into the lid design.

Your lid should be kept by your lodge and put in a safe place. We will ask you to bring these to NOAC in 2015.

Our lid was designed and painted by John Gerlach. Thanks John for this excellent work.

turtleA Turtle That Tweets???

Most people already know that Unami Lodge is on Facebook but now its official, Unami Lodge is now on Twitter and YouTube! We hope to add to our already-existing social media and with an aim to establish better communication with our members Unami Lodge has created a Twitter feed. Twitter and Facebook offer our members instant, constant and convenient information in a timely fashion. Unami's YouTube channel will allow us to post service weekend videos, National OA event promo videos & national event restrospective videos. We are always working to find new and effective ways of communicating with our members, young and old, to get the word out to the broadest spectrum of people. To follow us on Twitter, click on the Twitter button on the menu bar above.

turtleCalling all Arrowmen!

Are you interested in helping the lodge? Do you want to get involved but don’t know how? We have an answer! Become an OA Representative. You can serve your lodge by passing information from the Lodge to your unit and in the process fulfill the requirement for a leadership position. This is a great was to get involved in the Lodge and it is a vital program to the lodge. To become an OA Rep, just ask your unit leader to give you the form to fill out and then send it to the address on the bottom of the form or give it to your chapter chief. If your unit leader didn't get a form, or if you have any questions or problems, you should contact your chapter chief.

turtleGet Involved!

Everyone interested in getting involved in the lodge should contact Lodge Chief, Tim Reppert at chief@unamilodge.org. We are always looking for additional people to help out on our committees, so pick one that interests you and jump on in. We look forward to working with all of you!

Last updated: March 04, 2015

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