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turtle101st Lodge Dinner New!

Calling all Arrowmen and Friends of Unami: Sign up for the 101st Annual Lodge Dinner today! This event will highlight the accomplishments of the lodge and its members in 2016, as well as include the swearing in of the 2017 Lodge Chief and his officers. Any questions, please contact the Dinner Committee at dinner@unamilodge.org.

Head over to unamilodge.org/oadinner to sign up now!

turtleRules and Procedures Change Updated

The proposed changes to the Rules and Procedures, voted upon at the last Fall Fellowship weekend, have been approved. For more information, check it out on the Rules and Procedures Page.

turtleThe 2016 Unami Lodge Vigil Class Updated

The Vigil Honor is the highest recognition a lodge can bestow upon its members for service to the lodge, the Order of the Arrow, the Scouting communty, and the Scout camp. Dating to 1915 when our founder, Dr. E. Urner Goodman, was inducted as the first Vigil Honor member, more than 600 brothers of Unami Lodge, One have been selected to keep their Vigil. At this year's Fall Fellowship weekend, held at Musser Scout Reservation, Unami, One inducted thirteen brothers into the Vigil Honor in recognition of their dedicated and altruistic service. Those inducted were:

Patrick CampbellMatthew Gutterman
Alexander CrossGerald Rafter
Jeromy HaferFrances Rigler
Spencer HespenheideJames Sontag
Christopher KellyAlicia Tryon
Ethan Lewis
James Owen Patane
Joshua Sirken

Please congratulate our brothers on this lofty recognition.

The Vigil Honor Committee would like to express gratitude to all brothers who assisted in making the Vigil Honor induction process a success. Preparing and executing the Vigil Honor induction experience for thirteen new members is a daunting task, most especially when it is conducted at a camp that has not been the site of such an induction in more than a decade. It should come as no surprise, however, that the Vigil Honor brothers of Unami, One accomplished it with cheer and enthusiasm. It would not have been possible without the dedicated service that they provided, and for that, the committee thanks them.

turtleA Turtle That Tweets???

Most people already know that Unami Lodge is on Facebook but now its official, Unami Lodge is now on Twitter and YouTube! We hope to add to our already-existing social media and with an aim to establish better communication with our members Unami Lodge has created a Twitter feed. Twitter and Facebook offer our members instant, constant and convenient information in a timely fashion. Unami's YouTube channel will allow us to post service weekend videos, National OA event promo videos & national event restrospective videos. We are always working to find new and effective ways of communicating with our members, young and old, to get the word out to the broadest spectrum of people. To follow us on Twitter, click on the Twitter button on the menu bar above.

turtleCalling all Arrowmen!

Are you interested in helping the lodge? Do you want to get involved but don’t know how? We have an answer! Become an OA Representative. You can serve your lodge by passing information from the Lodge to your unit and in the process fulfill the requirement for a leadership position. This is a great was to get involved in the Lodge and it is a vital program to the lodge. To become an OA Rep, just ask your unit leader to give you the form to fill out and then send it to the address on the bottom of the form or give it to your chapter chief. If your unit leader didn't get a form, or if you have any questions or problems, you should contact your chapter chief.

turtleGet Involved!

Everyone interested in getting involved in the lodge should contact Lodge Chief, Chris Kelly at chief@unamilodge.org. We are always looking for additional people to help out on our committees, so pick one that interests you and jump on in. We look forward to working with all of you!

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