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Service Update

To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose
of leadership in cheerful service to others.

Spring Service 2, May 16-18
Resica Falls Scout Reservation

Here is the full report on the service projects at Resica Falls. All of the projects that were completed are a huge aid to the summer camp staff.

Project Status
Auto Repair At Shop Completed
Bike Repair (Bring Tools If You Can) Completed
Tent Platform Repair Throughout Camp Completed
Roof 2 Lean-Tos in Firestone Completed
Paint Lean-Tos in Firestone Completed
Split Firewood (Bring Gloves and Safety Gear) Completed
Clean Out Shower House At Firestone (Brotherhod Project) Completed
Cut and Bend Trail Signs Completed
Repair Longhouse in N.A.V. (Vigil Project) In Progress
Install Family Bench at Richards Arena Completed
Scrape, Patch, and Paint White House In Progress
Extend Archery Field (Ordeal Project) Completed
Steve Ranjo Memorial Clocktower Installed and Wired Completed
Electricity wired at Archery Range Completed
Create Vigil sites at Firestone Completed
Paint Ceiling of Bear Lodge In Progress
Repair Leaking Roof at Shop Completed
Remove Pool Cover Completed
Layout Platforms in 2 New Campsites (Ordeal Project) In Progress

Thank you to every one that came out to the week end and helped out with service projects. We completed many of our projects and could not have done it with out your help. We look forward to seeing you again next Fall at Musser Scout Reservation.

Yours in Service,
Spencer Hespenheide, Bobby Burkhart, and Don Potts Sr.
Unami Lodge Service Committee

Last updated: May 24, 2014

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