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Turtle Power Pass

Time is Up!

Sorry, but this offer is no longer available. You will need to sign up for each event individually with the forms found on our Forms Page or use our All Event Sign-Up Form to register for the remaining events.

The Turtle Pass is a onetime shot for you to attend all three lodge weekends at a $15 savings and all you have to do is send in one form! If you plan to attend EVERY Lodge Weekend, then you are recovering the cost of your dues! This offer opens up at the end of the year and remains available until the end of March. Don't forget to grab it next year!

Please note: The Turtle Pass does not cover any Vigil events nor if you plan to seal your bond in Brotherhoood. If you plan to seal your bond all you will have to pay is the difference at the weekend.

Last updated: April 07, 2014

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