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Unami Lodge One, Founding Lodge of the Order of the Arrow

Executive Committee Officers

Position Name Email
Chief Tim Reppert chief@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chief of Program Collin Henry vc_program@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chief of Administration Dave Benedict vc_admin@unamilodge.org
Vice-Chief of Chapters Chris Kelly vc_chapters@unamilodge.org
Secretary Josh Sirken secretary@unamilodge.org
Treasurer Nick Sontag treasurerunamilodge.org
Lodge Adviser Jeffrey Aster lodgeadvisor@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Program David Sirken ala_program@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Administration Larry Neibauer ala_administration@unamilodge.org
Associate Lodge Adviser - Chapters Gerry Messerschmidt ala_chapters@unamilodge.org
Staff Adviser John Bickel jbickel@unamilodge.org

Last updated: January 19, 2015

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